The first Android Auto 7.7 build with a significant fix is ​​now available for download

The first Android Auto 7.7 build with a significant fix is ​​now available for download

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  • And at this point, it looks like what’s to come in Android Auto 7.7 is something huge for Samsung users. The South Korean company announced the Galaxy S22 lineup back in early February, and the Ultra model started shipping later the same month. But despite being a flagship device with high-end capabilities, the Galaxy S22 barely works or doesn’t even work at all on Android Auto. Users have been complaining of connection issues for many months already, and while both Google and Samsung said they were working on a fix, no information as to when it could be released was available.

  • The first Android Auto 7.7 beta build is now ready for download, and while Google hasn’t included a changelog, it appears that this new version may finally resolve one of the major issues that users are presently experiencing. For the time being, Android Auto 7.7 is still in the beta testing phase, so don’t install it unless you know exactly what you’re doing. In principle, beta versions aren’t meant to be used for anything other than testing, and using them as a daily driver isn’t advised. With practise, though, these releases are an excellent way to get a taste of what is to come in Android Auto.

Android Auto 7.7 could therefore come with this highly anticipated patch, which means that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S22 could finally be able to use the app in their cars. On the other hand, there’s still no confirmation in this regard, so we’ll just have to wait for the release of the stable update to figure out if the problem has been resolved or not. As to when Android Auto 7.7 could go live for production devices, this should theoretically happen in approximately two weeks, after the beta testing period is complete.

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