The first Android 13 messages have been filtered, affecting the lock screen, music, and battery life

The first Android 13 messages have been filtered, affecting the lock screen, music, and battery life

Tech Highlights:

  • This first version is quite preliminary, so it is not certain that you are what’s new in Android 13 that we are going to see reach the final version. But right now, Google’s intention is to include them. The first novelty will be in lock screen. It is a small change, but one that has been requested by users. Currently the lock screen clock shows on two lines, but changes to one line when you receive a notification. Android 13 will allow you to always keep the two lines, to maintain uniformity.

  • Tiramisu, the Android 13 version, will be released at the end of 2022. However, because it is still in development, developers have already had access to the initial alpha versions. Although Android 12 has been around for a few months, very few phones have it. Due to several issues, even Samsung has halted distribution. Nonetheless, Google is working on Android 13 now. The XDA Developers website, which was formed by developers and hence has contacts and even people working on the system’s development, has got access to an undisclosed early version of Android 13, dubbed Tiramisu after the dessert (Tiramisu).

Another novelty is in the languages ​​that the operating system will support. Until now, the language chosen in the configuration has been applied to all the apps on the system, and to many apps that use the default language of the operating system, and do not allow it to change. In Android 13 will exist a Languages ​​app Which will allow assign a different language to each app in the system or to other apps that assign the default language. With 5G and a high-performance Mediatek processor, this mobile is quite powerful and has a spectacular 120 Hz screen.

Depending on the battery level, the system will grant credits to the apps in memory, and the app will use those credits to claim tasks to be executed by the processor. The objective is that a single app does not hog the entire task queue, also rewarding those that consume fewer resources. Finally, Android Police has verified that Android 13 will have Bluetooth LE Audio support. It is a new standard that allows audio reproduction to consume less battery, and that several people can listen to the same audio at the same time, each with their headphones, among other novelties.

In Android 12 and earlier, all the apps you install have the ability to send notifications. If you install many, that is when the traffic jams and overwhelms begin. In Android 13, notifications will become an optional permission associated with each app, as it is today to allow an app to use the camera or location. The leak indicates that this system can also be applied to apps developed for Android 12. This can be one of the most important novelties of Android 13. In Android 13 Google is testing a technology called TARE, which uses a system of credits to assign tasks of the apps.

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