The Final Fantasy 16 release date has been announced and a new trailer has been released

The Final Fantasy 16 release date has been announced and a new trailer has been released

Tech Highlights:

  • Scurrying around beneath the stomping boots of all these giants are the humans of the story, who get much less airtime by comparison, but it’s clear there’s going to be a “child of fate” and at least one callous emperor who cares nothing for collateral damage. It’s all par for the course for Final Fantasy, but it’s never looked this good before, nor been realised at such a dramatic, impressive scale. Take a gander: A new blog post from PlayStation confirms that “high-octane battles” will be core to the gameplay, in which protagonist Clive Rosfield will wield “a full arsenal of attacks unique to the game’s many Eikons (summons)… not to mention epic clashes between the Eikons themselves.”

  • According to PlayStation’s most recent State of Play livestream, the release date for Final Fantasy 16 has been pushed back to summer 2023. We also got to see a new video for the RPG game, and it’s apparent that Square Enix is putting a lot of emphasis on duels between the series’ famed summoned monsters. The clip, which you can see below, features some of Final Fantasy’s most lasting pocket monsters — this time dubbed ‘Eikons’ – squaring off in dramatic scenes and new gameplay. They have health bars in the latter, and the camera position alternates between side-on and dramatic third-person viewpoints. It resembles a cross between a fighting game and a hack-and-slash action RPG at moments, but with massive, dramatic creatures. Ramuh, Ifrit, Phoenix, Shiva, Garuda, Ramuh, Ifrit, Phoenix, Shiva, Garuda, Ramuh, Ifrit

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