The Filipino fighting game “Vita Fighters” jumps to the PC via Steam port

The Filipino fighting game "Vita Fighters" jumps to the PC via Steam port

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  • Southeast Asia needs more locally made fighting games. Fortunately, Pinoy developer and publisher Ranida Games is doing everything possible. One of their mobile products is a jump to the PC, the perfect platform for fighting gaming enthusiasts. Vita Fighters is a 2D mobile fighting game with a mixed cast of fighters based on anime, pop culture and classic fighting games. Players can immediately see the new evolution of the game with the release of a new major update that adds 6 characters and 5 stages. The
    game revolves around a tournament where hundreds of rejected fighting game characters compete for the prestigious award of participating in a true Triple A fighting game. Vita Fighters has been nominated for the recent SEA Game Awards and is constantly adding new characters to the list. Vita Fighters is designed around the essence of fighting games, with intuitive control and player expression in mind. This is also summarized in how the character was created. It contains all the metaphors and abbreviations of the genre, so players can quickly conclude which character is best for them.
    Bayani-Created by members of the fighting game development team, Angry Devs developed their own Vita Fighters at the time, creating an intuitive passion project that declared their love for fighting games as a genre. The game has a total of 29 new entry fighters, including a retired pirate named King, an Olympic gold medalist named Hyde, and a future baseball player named Sleeve.
    “I’m happy to know that players are having fun. We’ll continue to add more features while keeping the game simple,” said developer Angry Devs. “It’s good to read the player feedback and know that we’re also working on bringing the game online.” Vita Fighters Mobile will be available on both the App Store and Google Play, and will be available on the PC at
    2022. Will be. Add it to your Steam wishlist now.

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