The fertility doctor’s unique way of announcing pregnancy warms the heart

The fertility doctor's unique way of announcing pregnancy warms the heart

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  • Dr. Lawrence Werlin and his team have made IVF lab test calls a group effort by notifying new moms and dads with boisterous announcements, according to South West News Service.

Whenever the fertility clinic has a positive test result, Werlin, 72, dials up his patient and gives his staff a signal to cheer, “You’re pregnant.”

Dr. Lawrence Werlin and his team at the Coastal Fertility Medical Center join together to announce positive IVF test results.

Werlin told SWNS that the Coastal Fertility Medical Center has been announcing IVF pregnancies this way since its opening in 1982.

“Patients exhibit many different reactions when they receive the news. They have heard so much negativity that when they receive good news, they are speechless,” Werlin said, in an interview with SWNS. “[Or they say] things like; ‘I can’t believe it!’, ‘Are you serious?!’”


He added, “The most heart-wrenching response is tears, when we tell them ‘you’re pregnant!’ and they cry.”

In a video compilation the clinic put together of their group phone calls, patients can be heard laughing, crying tears of joy or thanking Werlin and his team. FORMERLY CONJOINED TWIN GIVES BIRTH AT HOSPITAL WHERE SHE WAS BORN

Werlin doesn’t forget to let his patients know which fertility medicines they should continue to take to ensure they have a successful pregnancy.
Dr. Lawrence Werlin told South West News Service that the Coastal Fertility Medical Center has been announcing IVF pregancnies as a group since 1982.

Patients have traveled to the clinic, which is located in Irvine, California, to find reproductive solutions, whether it be through IVF, egg freezing or preimplantation genetic diagnosis. The Coastal Fertility Medical Center’s website claims more than 3,000 babies have been born from successful treatments conducted at its facility. 

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “A highlight for all of us at Coastal Fertility is Dr. Werlin gathering the staff to make the You’re Pregnant calls as a group,” a spokesperson for Coastal Fertility Medical Center wrote to Fox News. 

“The journey for many patients is long and personal, so they develop relationships with all of us along the way,” Coastal Fertility’s statement goes on. “We are a team and are invested in their success from the moment they enter our practice. We love that Dr. Werlin acknowledges “it takes the entire team” to help them reach this milestone and makes a point we celebrate the moment together with them.”

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