The Far Shore will be released tomorrow

The Far Shore will be released tomorrow

Tech Highlights:

  • The connections between Jett: The Far Shore and my prior effort as director and co-creator, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, can be felt on several levels. There are vibes in common, let’s say.

  • We have lift-off: Jett: The Far Shore is out tonight on PS5 and PS4! To mark the occasion, here’s a video featuring composer scntfc’s song “Jett To Cosmodrome Z-13” to draw you in.

Even sworcery’s explicit segmentation – into four “sessions” – has its echo in Jett: The Far Shore. More on this below.

It was evident to me, years ago, that for an unconventional and ambitious project like Jett to properly resonate, it could use a banger of a first half hour.

That said, Jett is very much its own thing, and it’s strong out of the gate.

I figured we ought to pull out all the stops to immediately immerse the player in this new science fiction cosmos, then in short order give players some time at the Jett’s helm, all while building up a sense of how Jett’s storytelling operates on a few orders of magnitude, with enough intimacy and interiority to forge a human connection and stir people’s curiosity, coupled with enough cinematic bombast to impress.

Towards the end of 0. Embark, Jett’s ~30 minute prologue, Jett’s title card accompanies you to the far shore of this cosmic ocean.

Ghost of Tsushima’s creative co-lead Jason Connell at Sucker Punch, someone who knows a thing or two about title cards and who I’ve been fortunate to call a friend of late, had this to say about Jett’s title card:

“Sure, title sequences are cool but the best ones have the spirit of the game embedded into them. Jett’s title sequence contains a strong spirit. One that propels you forward with excitement and earnest curiosity about what is yet to be discovered.” Once the clamor and grandeur and spectacle of I. Deploy subsides, there’s II. Investigate, clocking in at around an hour. It’s a brief, heady trip to Tor.

After that, you’ll likely be due for a bit of a walk and a think. Then, having traversed those early episodes, you’ll know what Jett’s all about, and you can decide when you’re ready to tackle III. Adapt (3 hours) and finally IV. Persevere (3 hours). This is where the adventure broadens, deepens, gets a bit spicy, and finds its own particular groove for a while.


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