The extremely rare Apple 1 computer has not yet found a buyer on eBay

The extremely rare Apple 1 computer has not yet found a buyer on eBay

(NEXSTAR) – If you’re a fan of vintage tech, now is your chance to land one of the rarest gems in Silicon Valley history.

The co-founders of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, designed and created the Apple 1 PC in 1976. One of the desktop computers is now ready Auction on eBay. According to Apple InsiderThe device, which has been in Canada since playing Oregon Trail in the computer class, is one of six well-known Apple 1 devices that are still around.

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Wozniak and Jobs produced about 200 devices, which at the time sold for a little under $ 700. CNET According to the devices, the devices contained 8 KB of RAM, which means that modern computers are about a million times more powerful. Nevertheless, the work device is an important part of personal computing history.

However, if you want to take home the wooden keyboard case and contemporary Sony monitor, it will cost you something. The device went on sale for $ 1.5 million late last month, and no one has bought it yet.

According to an online publication, Apple expert Corey Cohen validated the device in August 2019 and the computer comes with a certificate of authenticity.

“This is a verified, fully functional, original Apple 1 computer system in excellent condition,” the publication said. “This Apple-1 is an unchanged NTI card in near perfect condition on the front and back of the motherboard with no changes or repairs made.”

Still, there may be a reason nobody used up the money on it. In 2019, another unit was sold on Christie’s auction house for less than $ 500,000. according to CNBC. Even half a million seems like a decent return on a device that would have cost a few hundred dollars in the 1970s.


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