The development of self-destructing audio messages by WhatsApp

News Summary:

  • WhatsApp is currently rolling out an update to beta users. The most recent version,, adds the capability for users to send audio messages that can only be played back once before they vanish. Sending audio is similar to sending one-time text messages in that it cannot be recorded, saved to your phone, or forwarded to another person.

  • While a simple text message will suffice most of the time, there are times when you’ll want to share sensitive information with a friend or group in a temporary manner. It appears that WhatsApp is planning to add the ability to send audio messages that can only be listened to once. WhatsApp already supports text and media-based messages that self-destruct.

Since the feature is still under development, it’s unclear when it will be included in the app’s final version. We are optimistic that we will be able to send lovers and friends disappearing serenades as soon as possible because WhatsApp has added it to the beta.

We don’t know when disappearing audio messages for WhatsApp will be available, but we’ll be ready with some karaoke songs when they do.

This month, WhatsApp has tested a number of new features, not just the ability for audio messages to vanish. It recently added disappearing groups, another work-in-progress feature with a transient flair. Furthermore, WhatsApp is not the only messaging app interested in disappearing content; Instagram, Messenger, and Signal are also testing out ephermeal content options.