The December lineup for PS4 and PS5 has been revealed

The December lineup for PS4 and PS5 has been revealed

Points Highlighted:

  • The leaks were accurate, as predicted. The games for this month are exactly what the leakers predicted.


Furthermore, all of these games are actually rather fantastic, putting a stop to Sony’s months-long PlayStation Plus drought. One of the games in December is absolutely fantastic, and the other two are precisely what you’d expect from a subscription service—titles you might not have purchased at launch but would gladly test out for free!

Mortal Shell on PS4 (backward compatible on PS5)

The games PS Plus subscribers can download for free starting next Tuesday, December 7th are:

Godfall on PS4 and PS5

DC LEGO Supervillains on PS4 (backward compatible on PS5)

Godfall is one I’ve only dabbled in, and while I know it’s gotten mixed reviews from critics and gamers alike, it seems like a pretty fun brawler / looter with terrific graphics and fun combat.

If you enjoy TT Games’ LEGO titles and enjoy playing as a bad guy, DC LEGO Supervillains checks all the right boxes. And you can play it in split-screen with friends which is always fun. The game I think everyone should be genuinely excited about, however, is Mortal Shell. This is one of the absolute best ‘Souls-like’ games, truly capturing not just the challenge and refined combat that put Dark Souls on the map, but also the mood and atmosphere. This one just came to Xbox Game Pass as well, so it’s just good news all around for gamers.

What do you think of this month’s PS Plus lineup? Has Sony finally broken its losing streak? Any of these ones you’ve been excited to play, or that you’ve played already? P.S. You can still download November’s free PS Plus games. The fact is, while it wasn’t a great month it wasn’t the worst PlayStation Plus lineup by any means, with some genuinely decent titles on offer.

PlayStation and Xbox have been in a head-to-head battle to see who can provide the best subscription service in terms of free games. While Xbox Game Pass has now merged with EA Play (leading to a sharp drop-off for Games With Gold, some would say), PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now both keep offering high-quality titles. With every passing month comes a whole new collection of titles, all of which are available to players for the cost of a PS Plus membership. So, without further ado, here are all the hot details about next month’s free games.

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