The debut of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ for PC is missing many DLCs

The debut of 'Monster Hunter Rise' for PC is missing many DLCs

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  • Effectively, while players can buy items now, it may be better off holding out for a better bundle price. Currently, items include pieces of layered armour as well as outfits for your Cahoot and Palico. The Nintendo Switch version of the game includes these items as well as makeup looks, voices, and more. While none of the items are essential for progress because they’re cosmetic in nature, fans are likely to be a bit disappointed by the delay.

  • It may take some time for all products to show up on the store,” as stated on its Steam page. Monster Hunter Rise currently has 100 pieces of downloadable content accessible on Steam, however this does not include everything that is conceivable. Capcom notes in the announcement that it “will concurrently make multiple premium DLC items available.” “Bundles that comprise multiple items of paid DLC at a discounted price will only appear on the store after each item in that bundle is available separately on the store,” the statement continues. As a result, some things will be delayed.

Back in November, Capcom confirmed that the game would include all post-launch content and DLC when it launched. That’s clearly changed somewhat since. In other gaming news, Warhammer Age Of Sigmar has been delayed until the second half of 2023. The change will “further improve the quality and longevity of the game,” according to developer, Frontier.

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