The Day Before developers claim a calendar app violated their trademark

News Summary:

  • The statement only states that the “supposed owner” of The Day Before trademark is the “creator of the calendar app”. Fntastic doesn’t name or associate it explicitly, but I must assume the application in question is TheDayBefore from TheDayBefore Inc. When Fntastic first announced its trademark issues, it appeared that its game name had been taken by a Korean competitor and that the app was a Korean product after all.

  • Fntastic, the studio behind The Day Before, released another statement regarding the status of the game and the ongoing trademark dispute. In a short post on Twitter yesterday afternoon, Fntastic said its brand appears to have been removed by a calendar app, its videos have been removed from YouTube due to trademark issues and current owners. of the brand has offered to discuss with the studio. The studio followed up its tweet with a link to a deleted YouTube video that the Wayback Machine said showed a clip of someone playing The Day Before on PC.

So it looks like the issues are about to be resolved? Not really! Fntastic said the app’s creator “vaguely offered to contact him [sic] to discuss something, but what?” I’m not a copyright attorney, but I imagine what he wanted to discuss was the trademark in dispute, but the tone of Fntastic’s statement made it sound like the studio didn’t even want to get involved. that discussion.

So it didn’t go well and it still really feels like Fntastic desperately needs to hire the right marketing team instead of making Twitter statements like this and the one he posted last week. before denouncing “false information”. I kept thinking that Fntastic had peaked with their old fans, but somehow I was still wrong.

The studio ended its statement with a rallying cry: “We will fight. The strength lies in the truth,” which could have been better if Fntastic hadn’t ignited nearly every goodwill they had. . month. As it stands, it seems the studio is a victim of its own mistakes, and statements like these appear as a desperate attempt to make itself an outsider, an attempt that, as expected, did not go well. with your audience.