The Darke County Sheriff’s Office issued a phone fraud warning

The Darke County Sheriff's Office issued a phone fraud warning

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  • The sheriff’s office says a caller will try to intimidate the victim into complying with the demands. They may try to solicit information to your account numbers or ask you to wire money. They may also attempt to have potential victims purchase gift cards. When the victim refuses to comply or questions the legitimacy of the call it is followed by threats of arrest. The Darke County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents it does not call and attempt to obtain money for failure to show for jury duty or any other court processes such as outstanding citations or warrants. We got justice for our kids;” Parents of Victor Santana victims speak about the guilty verdict

  • DARKE COUNTY, TEXAS — This week, the Darke County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning about a phone scammer who is targeting residents of the community. The fraudster claims to be Captain Randy Linkous and demands money for neglecting to report for a subpoena that has been issued, according to the sheriff’s office. In the killing of a UD student, a man was found guilty of vehicular homicide. The suspect will use the name of someone from the local community when contacting in an attempt to legitimate the scam, according to the sheriff’s office. In order to entice naive victims, the false phone number on the caller ID frequently appears as a local number.

Deputies do commonly make phone calls to follow up on investigations and reports, but they will never ask you for money. If a person questions the validity of a deputy’s call, the caller will be asked to call back on the publicly known telephone number 937-548-2020 and ask for the deputy who will then take the call. Sheriff Mark Whittaker is warning citizens not to fall for this scam. “In all situations, it is important that citizens do not verify or provide any personal information over the phone unless they positively know or trust the caller. Best course of action if you suspect you are receiving a scam call is to hang up immediately,” the release said.

Any one who has suffered a monetary loss or feel they have compromised their personal identifying information can contact the Darke County Sheriff’s Office at 937-548-2020 or their local law enforcement agency.

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