The creator of “Fable” plans to create a business simulation game using blockchain and NFT Technology

News Summary:

  • Any in-game winnings that players earn will be a real new cryptocurrency called LegacyCoin. This currency resides on the Ethereum blockchain and promises many “exciting and innovative utilities”. No further confirmation. According to a blog post on the 22cans website, “Legacy” allows players to become tycoons of their own business. They have to build their business from the ground up and personally design and maintain their facilities using everything they can find around the world.

  • Fable creator Peter Molyneux found a new calling in blockchain technology and NFTs while planning his next game called Legacy. The game is based on blockchain technology and involves trading NFT properties. It actually started with a Land Presale Event where interested players had to purchase something called a “Land NFT” to get started. After purchasing tokens and becoming an in-game landowner, players will be able to build their digital business empire. There are also games for those who want to have their own business his partner in the game, but the player doesn’t mind sharing the winnings with that partner.

Business by the creator of “Fable” her sim also promises players a lot of freedom. Legacy is touted as a world where everything is designed and maintained by players. So you might see environments straight out of Lewis Carroll’s stories, or minimalist places full of subdued colors and subtle design elements. Molyneux was the brains behind Fable’s most important (but sadly failed) Xbox franchise. The game was also one of his many IPs from Molyneux’s former studio, Lionhead Studios, which according to GiantBomb included his Black & White and The Movies for the God Simulator games.

Finally, in 2012 Molyneux left Lionhead to form 22cans. According to IGN, the studio was responsible for a highly unconventional “game” called “Curiosity” that required players to click on giant cubes for months to see what was inside.

Lionhead Studios President Peter Molyneux is new to Microsoft’s XBox 360 media at his briefing at the opening ceremony of his Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California on June 1, 2009. introduced the XBox 360 ‘Project Natal’. Fable was one of the most watched games on the original Xbox when it was released in 2004. It also set the groundwork for the types of games Molyneux would later create. Some of them had an “experimental” flair.