The Clash Mini release date has been confirmed

The Clash Mini release date has been confirmed

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  • What is Clash Mini

  • Clash Mini isn’t the last game in the series, though. Supercell announced a new series of clash games in April 2021. Clash Mini, Clash Quest, and Clash Heroes are the three games in the Clash series. The developers claimed that they wanted to broaden their market, reaching out to gamers who were previously uninterested in Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. As a result, they wish to branch out into different gaming genres.

The game expands into the world of strategic board gaming. Set in the Clash universe, it might look a little similar to Clash Royale in terms of style, but the games are different. Players compete against each other sing miniatures placed on the board at the same time, starting combat automatically.

When is the Clash mini release date?

Developers have said that this game will be the most accessible and more entertaining and fun for all kinds of players. Naturally, as with all the Clash games, they’re mobile only. You can download Clash Mini on iOS and Android.

As of now, various regions across the world can download the game now. These regions are: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Players there can download the beta version of the game. However, worldwide players will have to wait a little longer, as there is no current global release date.

However, if the game is being released to Scandinavia, then it implies it’s nearly ready. And now’s the trial period, so once Supercell are confident enough in the game, they’ll likely release it worldwide.


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