The calls for Soulstober 2021 inspire fantastic artwork for Dark Souls and Bloodborne

The calls for Soulstober 2021 inspire fantastic artwork for Dark Souls and Bloodborne

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  • October is underway, and as fans anticipate Halloween by playing influential horror games, FromSoftware’s seminal titles are considered. Dark Souls’ morbid high fantasy and Bloodborne’s gothic, cosmic horror make for festively spooky atmospheres, though they may not necessarily be considered as part of the standard horror genre.

  • Excitement for Halloween endures as an illustrator participates in Soulstober, a yearly art challenge featuring prompts for FromSoftware games.

Rather, Soulstober is fun art challenge that provides prompts for artists and creators to ascribe to the theme of their inspired works for the month of October. Soulstober’s prompts, based on the activity’s namesake, are purposely relative to elements in Dark Souls, such as “Soul”, “Undead”, and “Ritual”. Soulstober’s participatory event is only ten days into the month thus far, but fantastic illustrations have already been produced for the activity’s initial prompts.

Seto’s Soulstober illustrations are all black-and-grey sketches with stunning detail that represents FromSoftware’s character and environment art beautifully. Seto’s first illustration was shared for the original prompt, “Soul”, with Demon’s Souls’ Maiden in Black NPC. But going above and beyond the daily prompt quota, Seto has also shared a “Soul” prompt for the second day of the month in order to depict a Chosen Undead player-character harnessing a soul in their hand.

Jess Seto, a concept artist and illustrator, has shared their extraordinary contributions to this year’s Soulstober. Soulstober demonstrates that the eerie and paranormal characteristics of Dark Souls games are represented in these prompts, which highlight many of FromSoftware’s more haunting storytelling mechanics. Seto’s artwork punctuates each of Soulstober’s prompts with mindful references to Bloodborne as well as particular titles in the Dark Souls franchise, with the first weekly deadline having been reached today.

Day 7 allowed Seto to produce a concept of the player-character emerging from a giant coffin in Dark Souls 3 for the prompt “Undead”, casting a draw distance past the Ashen One. Day 6 prompts “Fire”, which Seto illustrates with FromSoftware’s checkpoint system mechanic of idle bonfires that the player must search for and ignite in Dark Souls.

For the latest daily prompt, “Festival”, Seto has illustrated Bloodborne’s Hunter gifting the messengers the Urn Festival skin item. It will be exciting to see what sequences and characters Seto can interpret for October’s following prompts, as there is still over half a month left of daily art challenges for them to contribute to.

Soulstober is ultimately a timely celebration of FromSoftware games for any participating fans who also love to indulge in some spooky festivities in anticipation of Halloween. It gives fans the chance to see some incredible artwork, too, meaning it is a fun time for everyone.

Dark Souls is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Bloodborne is available now on PS4.  




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