The Callisto Protocol appears to be a PS5 and PS4 must-play

The Callisto Protocol appears to be a PS5 and PS4 must-play

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  • Of course, you’ll already be familiar with the gameplay from various summer livestreams, but here’s a little more to sink your teeth into. It comes by way of a Game Informer interview, in which Schofield digs a little deeper into his creative process and how the project came about. In short, he went to the desert to draw some pictures, and this is what he came up with. Remember, the release is due out on 2nd December, so the year looks set to end with a pretty big bang. Where does this rank on your most wanted radar?

  • We’re all still in awe of how industry veteran Glen Schofield did it, but The Callisto Protocol sprang out of nowhere and completely took us by surprise. Despite the fact that it eventually borrows from the Dead Space idea he helped develop at Visceral Games, it’s nevertheless surprising that upstart firm Striking Distance was able to pull off such a fascinating first-person experience.

In some places, the popular ARPG reboot Cross Summoner: R is now playable in beta on Android. Beta cover for Cross Summoner R obtained via DAMO. The 2014 2D anime-themed action RPG with gacha components known as Cross Summoner: R (or Final Sky, as it was known in the global version), is now making a comeback to mobile with a beta on Android smartphones. Select geographic areas, including the UK and Canada, can participate in the beta. Cross Summoner: R has endearing characters, PvE and PvP, and a lot of boss and other arena action. The game still has a lot of secrets to be unlocked, and it also has graphic and mechanical upgrades to an already fantastic and well-liked gameplay experience.

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