The Black Shark 5 Pro is an exceptional gaming phone at a reasonable price

The Black Shark 5 Pro is an exceptional gaming phone at a reasonable price

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  • But a smartphone has its limitations — when you are limited to just a touch screen input, it’s easy to fumble your controls and fail in fights that you should have won. Well, the new Black Shark phone will enhance your gaming sessions with a multitude of customizable hardware controls, to the point where you will wonder “how can anyone game without one of these?”.

  • Black Shark is the sponsor of this story. The thoughts expressed in this article by PhoneArena have not been influenced in any manner! Disclaimre Games on smartphones are becoming deeper, more gratifying, and closer to their console counterparts as technology gets more powerful and creators become more competent at designing for mobile platforms. Look no further than the new Apex Legends Mobile game for an excellent example of this, which flawlessly replicates the console experience.

Black Shark is a brand that specializes in gaming smartphones and their experience in making such devices shows. The Black Shark 5 Pro comes with two mechanical shoulder triggers that sit flush inside the phone’s body. Once it’s time to game — you can engage the triggers, which will pop out and be ready for use. They are placed comfortably and they offer a very reassuring click, which is a must for precision aim and gaming. But the hardware controls do not end there. The screen of the Black Shark 5 Pro has two pressure sensitive areas — basically, pushing down with your left or right thumb can activate two extra commands.

For example, I have my setup for the aforementioned Apex Mobile like this — left and right shoulder buttons are used for aim and shoot, naturally. Then, pushing down with my left thumb results in a crouch (or slide as I sprint) and pushing down with my right thumb is jump. Black Shark 5 Pro: excellent gaming phone, priced right So, without moving my fingers around the phone in any way, I have access to 4 different buttons — as if I am holding a controller. Gaming phones typically have super-aggressive designs that scream out “high-tech gaming device here!”. If you are not necessarily a fan of that aesthetic, the Black Shark 5 Pro may appeal to you. It still has that high-tech graphic on its back, but it’s more muted, elegantly hidden behind a frosted glass back. There’s also an RGB LED light back there, but it’s discrete and non-obnoxious.

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