The biggest gaming news of the week: 12/13/21

The biggest gaming news of the week: 12/13/21

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  • In this week’s roundup of gaming news, Ubisoft surprisingly announced a Splinter Cell remake on the way from Ubisoft Toronto. Bungie’s Head of HR has stepped down amid a report detailing Bungie’s previous history of fostering a toxic workplace. GSC Game World reversed its decision on NFT integration this week after huge backlash from fans. Dr. Disrespect is making a return to game development by opening a new AAA game studio, hiring several ex-Halo and Call of Duty developers. Final Fantasy 14 has been temporarily de-listed to help combat long queue times. All that and more in this week’s recap of the biggest news in the gaming industry.

  • The Splinter Cell series gets a shocking and unceremonious disclosure from Ubisoft, while the NFT dispute in Stalker 2 to a head with fans. Game Rant has aggregated some of the most important gaming news articles from the previous week into a compact piece for fans and enthusiasts to keep up with the industry’s most important happenings each week. This list, although highlighting the most important items, is not necessarily or completely objective, and will not include every major story this week. Rather, this is for gamers who want a brief review of the biggest/most important stories from the previous week in gaming.

Almost unceremoniously announced in a blog post, Ubisoft revealed that Ubisoft Toronto is beginning development on a Splinter Cell remake. An in-depth interview with the development team shined some light on the project: The same developers on Splinter Cell Blacklist are working on it, the game is being rebuilt utilizing Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine (The Division), and the remake will be an entirely linear experience unlike the open-world rumors that had been reported on previously.

Specifically, this will be a remake of the first Splinter Cell game, originally released in 2002 on the original Xbox. Among the staff working on the game, the interview details their reverence for the original game and the series as a whole, as well as several series veterans working on the remake as well. No release date was given at this time, albeit the interview does state that the Splinter Cell remake is in very early development, so it’s not coming any time soon.

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