The best Xbox games of 2021 – EssentiallySports

The best Xbox games of 2021 - EssentiallySports

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  • Sega’s upcoming action-adventure title Lost Judgement is set to release this month itself. The game is a spinoff of the Yakuza series and will be a sequel to 2018’s Judgement. Takayuki Yagami is a private detective and the protagonist of the title. Similar to previous games in the franchise, it will feature celebrity voice actors. Some of the names include Hiroshi Tamaki and Ken Mitsuishi.

  • Lost Judgement

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Life is Strange: True Colors

Another fan-favorite Sega game making its way to stores this month is Sonic Colors: Ultimate. If the title feels familiar, it is because this game is a remake of 2010’s Sonic Colors. Despite the simple storyline of stopping Doctor Eggman from executing his vicious plans, it features some of the best characters and gameplay mechanics.

Starting on 10th September, players on any console, including the Stadia can purchase Square Enix’s graphical masterpiece called Life is Strange: True Colors. This fifth installment of the game revolves around Alex Chen, a woman with the power to experience the emotions of others and her quest to find her brother’s killer.

Diablo is a hellish RPG published by Blizzard Entertainment. When Diablo 2: Resurrected was first announced, fans were overjoyed. This game is a remastered version of Diable 2 released in 2000 and the Lord of Destruction expansion. Although there is no new content in terms of story, it will be a pleasure to enjoy a Diablo game with better graphics and speeds.

If a Bandai Namco published RPG was on your shopping list, look no further than Tales of Arise. Although the game was supposed to be released in 2020 for previous generation consoles, Bandai Namco pushed the date back to improve the quality of the game and optimize it for the newer consoles. Furthermore, this 17th installment in the ‘Tales’ series follows Dahna and Rena, who are supposed to be enemies.

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