The best ultra-affordable Bluetooth speaker for epic showers has just been created by IKEA

News Summary:

  • Now what – a music kettle? A solid-state amplifier-slash-egg-poaching? ARE NOT. IKEA has added a small Bluetooth speaker to its entry-level Vappeby line – and if it looks like soap on a wire, that’s because it’s designed primarily for showers. The best part? It costs just $15 (will cost around £12 or AU$22 when it launches globally in April) and is available now in the US.

  • Cheap flat-packed furniture and quality hi-fi products may sound strange, but IKEA has been winning us over in the audio business for a while – just watch their tape recorders work together with Swiss House Mafia, Sonos Certified Symfonisk Board with Lighted Speaker (also available as a standalone version) and Photo Frame with Wi-Fi Speaker to start.

The Vappeby portable Bluetooth speaker is silicone coated for an IP67 water and dust resistance rating – the speaker can actually be submerged in water up to 3ft/1m and lasts for 30 minutes – and measures just 3 square inches and 2 inches deep .

Perhaps most surprising is the claimed battery life of 80 hours at 50% volume. That number beats the closest competitor anywhere (supposedly the tiny Tribit Stormbox Micro 2, great value for money but only 12 hours), not to mention the best Bluetooth speaker on the market – yes, including including the best waterproof speakers of 2023.

It comes in yellow, red, or black (yellow is my favorite) and if you buy the latter you can make a stereo pair. You can even put another hook in the bathroom for that…