The best Shortcuts, Classic Mac, and glitch-video apps this week

This week we have to make music that is synchronized with video art with Glitch Clip, import the music to our iPhone with Doppler 2, have control over shortcuts with LaunchCuts and more.

Doppler 2 – Music player

Doppler 2, to play music.
Photo: Doppler

Doppler 2 is the sequel to Doppler, a replacement for the music app for iPhone and iPad. The main reason to use it in the stock music app is that you can add music to the library, while the built-in Music app always requires iTunes or the Music Mac app. With Doppler you can also import your music library if you keep everything together.

price: $ 11.99

Download: Doppler-2 – Music player from the App Store (iOS)


Clean up your shortcuts with LaunchCuts.
Photo: LaunchCuts

LaunchCuts removes the junk that is the native Shortcuts app, and it is cleaned up. You can collect shortcuts to folders and smart folders, use shortcuts to navigate and launch shortcuts and use multiple windows on your iPad. It also replaces the ugly muted color scheme of the iOS 13 shortcut app with a nice clear palette.

price: $ 7.99

Download: LaunchCuts from the App Store (iOS)

Glitch Clip

Glitch Clip
Glitch Clip seed clip
Photo: Jérôme Gangneux

VJay app Glitch Clip combines video clips, effects and generative art. You can apply video effects, live, clips and mix everything using in-depth parameter settings. With the pro version, you can control via MIDI, so you can use a hardware controller or Ableton Live and synchronize the images with the music.

price: $ 4.99 with $ 9.99 in-app purchase

Download: Glitch Clip from the App Store (iOS)

Front and Center

Front and center is just fantastic.
This icon is simply fantastic.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Front and center, John Siracusa is a Mac app that collects all the windows of an application in the foreground every time you click on one of the windows. This was the standard behavior of the classic Mac OS and it is now on modern Macs. Try it and you'll never want to go back.

Front and Center

price: $ 2.99

Download: Front and Center in the App Store (macOS)

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