The best new iPadOS 15 features

The best new iPadOS 15 features

Tech Highlights:

  • There’s a lot new, and this is what you should check out first.

  • Apple’s major iPad software upgrade is out now, and iif you have an iPad (fifth generation or newer), an iPad Pro, an iPad mini (4th generation or newer), or an iPad Air (second-gene or newer), you can now download and install iPadOS 15.

Note: We’ve included some iPad features here that Apple has announced and has since delayed, like SharePlay for FaceTime.

1. Multitask More Easily

The missing features should appear in a software update this fall, so make sure you stay current with the latest version of iPadOS to take advantage.

Apple has made multitasking on the iPad a bit more intuitive with iPadOS 15.

You’ll notice three dots at the top of the screen in the status bar: Tap those to switch between full-screen mode, Split View mode, and Slide Over mode. The new menu means it’s more straightforward than it used to be to use two apps at once.

2. Open a Center Window

Another iPad multitasking change is a new center window overlay that works in apps like Apple Mail and Apple Notes. If you press and hold on an email in your inbox or a note in your list, you’ll see an Open in New Window option appear: Select this, and the chosen item shows up in an overlay in the middle of the screen, like a desktop window.

3. Categorize Notes With Tags Apple’s own apps get neat new features in the company’s annual software upgrades. This year Notes gets a new Quick Note feature, a new activity view for shared notes, and the ability to add tags for organizing your notes in new ways.

Add a tag in a note by preceding it by a hashtag, and they’ll all be listed in the main Folders pane on the left of the Notes app. 4. Access Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple still wants you to think of the iPad as a laptop replacement, and as far as iPadOS 15 is concerned, that means keyboard shortcuts. You’ll need to attach an actual physical keyboard to your tablet to get them to work—press and hold the Cmd button on the keyboard to see a list of supported shortcuts, including Cmd+Space to search.

5. Add Widgets to the Home Screen iPadOS follows iOS by getting support for widgets on the home screen amongst the app icons rather than a separate section.

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