The benefits of Tesla’s scheduled departures feature are highlighted

News Summary:

  • And most recently, Tesla published a new video showcasing the benefits of the Scheduled Departure feature on its official YouTube channel. This enables Teslas to have a predetermined time when they are prepared for use.

  • Despite not using conventional advertising, Tesla still uses marketing techniques. Videos highlighting some of its vehicles’ most important characteristics and capabilities are among them. These include features like Scheduled Departure that would otherwise be minor.

This means that a Tesla would determine when to begin preconditioning its battery and how to optimize charging before the Scheduled Departure time. By doing this, charging is guaranteed to be finished before the car’s scheduled departure time.

In a recently released video, Tesla highlighted how simple it was to use Scheduled Departure. “Set the Tesla app to the time you want to leave. Your vehicle charges during off-peak times with Scheduled Departure, keeping your charge high and your electricity bill low. Additionally, it warms up your seats, steering wheel, and cabin, according to Tesla.

Additionally, the cabin, steering wheels, and seats of the car are heated by the feature. This is extremely practical and guarantees that drivers and passengers are as comfortable as possible from the moment they get inside the vehicle.

Scheduled Departure appears to be a much-welcomed and appreciated feature, with some EV owners stating that the feature is especially helpful during the winter, according to comments on Tesla’s recently shared video. “The Tesla is fully melted and warm before you even get out of bed on a cold day, and seeing all your neighbors pour water and turn on their fans is literally a life-changing feature. A Tesla owner wrote, “Thank you.