The Apple Watch 7 looks great in the new renders

The Apple Watch 7 looks great in the new renders

The Apple Watch design has been largely unchanged for years. But it looks like the Apple Watch 7 is messing things up. The new renders of the Apple Watch 7 have just popped up and offer a flat redesign as well as exciting color options.

This comes shortly after a leak from Jon Prosser suggested a new one iPhone 12-inspired Apple Watch 7 design and ‘new experimental colors’. The model renderings are the result of a collaboration between Prosser and his trusted concept artist Ian Zelbo, who regularly produces designs based on his leaks.

The renderings are reportedly based on real-world internal images that Prosser had previously received. “In this case, sources sent me a mix of images and CAD files for this new design,” the leaker clarified. And to protect the original source, Prosser gave the images to Ian Zelbo, known as @RendersbyIan on Twitter.

It should be noted, however, that the leaks have not been updated in relation to the datasheet or internal functions. In fact, Prosser stated that apparently “everything is code-named,” so there’s no telling whether the images he’s got from his source are actually from the Apple Watch Series 7: “As far as we know, this could also be Series 8 be. ”

The images featured three bright colors including red, blue, green, as well as the classic options like silver and black. According to Prosser, however, there could be more: “They worked on experimental colors,” said the leaker.

And now that Prosser has discovered a new leak about a fresh, flat-edged look with new colorful options, we’ve probably gotten one step closer to a heavily updated design. Neither feature would be a surprise given Apple’s earlier flagship versions. A new flat edge was introduced in 2020 iPhone 12 setup as well as the iPad Air.

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