The Apple iOS data protection settings can now be changed

The Apple iOS data protection settings can now be changed

Points Highlighted:

  • Apple’s iOS 14’s app tracking controls – that stop advertisers tracking you across your phone – were delayed until May 2021 and were included iOS 14.5 after Facebook and other advertising firms complained about their impact. Although the complaints didn’t stop Apple from introducing the changes.

  • It’s the second year in a row that a key new feature is missing as the new version of iOS launches.

Child safety tools aside, there are still plenty of new privacy and security features included with iOS 15. As with any new software update you should install the new system as soon as possible. Updates often include much more than new features and they often squash new bugs and security vulnerabilities – a last-minute iOS 14.8 update, released just before Apple’s iPhone event, shows how important installing new software is.

While Apple has made iOS 15 available to download, it often takes a little while to roll out around the world, which means it might take slightly longer to reach some people than others. Here’s what you need to change when you get the update installed on your phone.

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