The ad group accuses Apple of double standards, cynicism and dishonesty

News Summary:

  • Cohen also acknowledged that a number of attacks of similar magnitude have occurred from outside the tech community. However, Apple’s actions come from within, so quoting them is a bigger issue. “Apple embodies the cynicism and hypocrisy that underpins popular extremist views”. David Cohen gave an example of what he meant. Not long ago, the IAB was involved in providing feedback to Apple on the Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) feature introduced in iOS 10 in 2014. The office pleaded with Apple not to use vague language in such a sensitive setting.

  • The Annual Conference of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) came and went, but before the curtain fell, accusations of Apple being a cynic and a hypocrite flew. What’s more, CEO David Cohen seems poised to wage war on the company any time soon. The IAB, which included participants. According to David Cohen, Apple uses the double standard that users can grant or deny tracking rights to third-party apps, but pre-installed apps get a free pass and can run in the background. We label what we do as “personalization”.

But from the CEO’s point of view, he felt that Apple dismissed things simply by “thanks for the feedback.” I was. Apple has so far taken no response to the IAB allegations. However, the company says it doesn’t use tracking options to create an uneven playing field is declining, and that’s exactly why David Cohen set his sights on Apple.