Telegram uses 11 emojis to test an iMessage-like response feature for iOS

Telegram uses 11 emojis to test an iMessage-like response feature for iOS

Tech Highlights:

  • The testing of emoji reactions for Telegram’s iOS platform was spotted on a Reddit post. With this feature, users can select an emoji to express their reaction to a particular message or post on Telegram. As mentioned, users can select from 11 reactions now. As per the Reddit post, these include — thumbs up, thumbs down, red heart, fire, party popper, pile of poo, vomiting face, face with tears of joy, loudly crying face, screaming face, and star-struck face. This could work similar to how reactions are available on iMessage, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Telegram just announced new capabilities for iOS users, including Live Text support and media captions formatting. The instant messaging company is now rumoured to be working on a message responses feature that will allow users to express their feelings in response to messages they receive on the app. Users may use different emoticons to react to messages delivered in groups or channels in the beta version of Telegram for iOS. To share comments in conversation, users may choose from 11 different emoji. Thumbs up, thumbs down, heart, and other symbols are among them. When an emoji is selected, viewers may watch dynamic animations, similar to Instagram and iMessage.

The emoji reactions selected can be seen as small moving animations. In group chats or Telegram channels, users can click on a message to know what reaction people have left for each message. Admins can disable the emoji feature in groups. They can also allow a limited selection of reaction emoji.


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