Technology from the year 2021, which have profoundly influenced our lives

Technology from the year 2021, which have profoundly influenced our lives

Tech Highlights:

  • With yearly iPhone releases being something you can set your watch by – even during a worldwide pandemic – some of the phones released throughout the years have inevitably missed the mark. That much cannot be said for the iPhone 13, which impressed us with camera features like Cinematic mode (which is available across all devices in the iPhone 13 lineup) and the Pro and Pro Max’s macro photo shooting mode.

  • All things considered, 2021 was a very dreadful year. Due to worldwide shortages, the COVID-19 epidemic lasted the whole year, making cellphones, GPUs, and gaming consoles difficult to come by. Aside from that, the pandemic’s persistence is surely weighing on many people’s emotions and minds, making for a bad year altogether. Despite this, 2021 delivered some fantastic technology, including smartphones, tablets, and even earphones. Here’s the technology that, despite all odds, made 2021 a year to remember.

While the iPhone experience is pretty well nailed down at this point and isn’t going to change much from one generation to another, there was still plenty to love about the iPhone 13. If the iPhone 12 lineup was considered a disappointment in terms of battery life, the iPhone 13 made up for it, with the Pro and Pro Max, in particular, sporting an impressive battery life that will get you through a day and beyond. Add to that a new Sierra Blue color scheme for the 13, and you can certainly say we’re smitten with Apple’s latest iPhone.

An Android-lover’s phone through and through, the Pixel 6 brings a lot to the table. Google’s Material Design – which changes color elements in the UI to match the phone’s wallpaper – impressed us, and it goes without saying that the Pixel 6’s cameras were a high point. Battery life was also solid, but perhaps most important is that the Pixel 6 costs significantly less than other flagships out there.

Google, like Apple, has had some “on years” and “off years” with its flagship phones. Some have impressed, while others haven’t quite hit the mark. The Pixel 6 definitely belongs to the former category, and it might just be the best Pixel smartphone Google has ever released.

If you’re sick of paying $1,000 or more for new phones, the Pixel 6 may very well be the handset you’re looking for. Just be sure to buy a case to go along with it, as it can be difficult to get a solid grip on the Pixel 6’s all-glass design.

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