Tech News: Samsung strips a Galaxy S20 Ultra to show the periscope and Verizon's 5G antennas

In many ways, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is an innovative phone that will pave the industry for years to come. Samsung is very proud of that and for good reason. In fact, he is so proud that he released his first video of a smartphone reversed disassembly to show what the phone looks like from the inside.

What you can see above is that Samsung assembles a Galaxy S20 Ultra piece by piece and just stops to emphasize the important parts, like the breathtaking camera kit. We also see the gigantic 5000mAh battery, the 5G mmWave antennas that connect you to Verizon and other network sections of other US airlines, or the shrill chipset.

We appreciate the fact that we see the periscope’s intriguing zoom system, which is quite small for the gigantic magnification options it offers in combination with the main sensor’s pixel cropping and separation.

As you can see, there is also a robust steam chamber that keeps all the cold under pressure, because the 5G connectivity and the enormous processing power of the phone offer enough reason to worry about keeping the temperature low and expelling it. That’s what the first phone with 16 GB of RAM is about – redundant specifications.

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