Tech News: FCC is working towards completely removing Huawei and ZTE gear from networks in the US

Huawei has been considered by the U.S. government as a threat to national security for several years. Therefore, in 2019, the FCC officially banned companies from using donations to buy Huawei or ZTE network equipment due to espionage allegations.

Now, Engaget has drawn our attention that the agency has opened a reporting portal to collect data from operators on the use of Huawei and ZTE network equipment. This was established so that the agency can develop a realistic repayment program.

The money he will provide is paid to network providers, in particular small rural operators, to facilitate the replacement of existing Huawei or ZTE network equipment. According to FCC President Ajit Pai, the designation of threats to national security in relation to the two companies could become definitive this spring.

Operators’ data collection will help identify areas where Huawei and ZTE equipment and services are most used and how to proceed to help remove them. Other information collected by the FCC includes information on the costs of purchasing, installing and replacing network equipment and what type of equipment and service providers they use. The deadline for sending the requested information is April 22.

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