Tech: Google to launch new Chromecast Ultra codenamed Sabrina, may

Latest technology news: In this news, we’ve updated on Google to launch the new Chromecast Ultra, codenamed Sabrina, in May

Google may launch a new Chromecast Ultra currently in development under the codename Sabrina. The new Chromecast is also likely to come with a remote control.

(Source: Reuters)

Google is working on a new Chromecast device, and it is currently unclear whether it will be a full-fledged dongle or smart TV, but rumors suggest that the new Chromecast will be part of the company’s Ultra line and codenamed Sabrina.

A Google 9to5 report, which contains news about Google products and services, suggests that Google is working on the launch of a Chromecast Ultra that will be based on Android TV. The blog also suggests that the device is accompanied by a remote control similar to other companies’ streaming devices. For example, Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku come with a remote control.

Reports suggest that, unlike previous Chromecast devices, the new Sabrina Ultra comes with built-in streaming apps. Before, Chromecast let customers bring things they wanted to watch on the phone or on the computer. The device will fill a long-awaited gap in the market: a mass consumer dongle with a full-fledged Android TV. The device gives users access to apps like YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and more, says the blog.

The introduction of the Android TV interface allows Google to reach the right place as it moves in the direction of traditional TV viewing. In addition, the new Chromecast will certainly integrate with other Google services, such as Google Assistant. In addition to the TV viewing experience, Google strives to make it easier for users to watch everything they can on phone screens on a TV using Chromecast.

The remote control helps users gain more control over their audio and video settings when casting content via Chromecast Ultra. According to the report, a remote control manufactured by Google has already been passed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for pre-launch approvals.

Other than that, there will also be a change in Sabrina’s design. Google 9to5 notes that Sabrina will have a smoother, rounder design, more in line with Google’s current hardware.

It is currently unclear when the new Chromecast Ultra will be launched and whether it will arrive in India or not. Although Google markets most of its products in the Indian market, in some cases, for example, the Pixel 4, they do not come here or are released late.