Tech: Coronavirus: Amazon restricts sales of hand sanitizers and

Tech: Coronavirus: Amazon restricts sales of hand sanitizers and

Latest technology news: In this news, we’ve updated on Coronavirus: Amazon restricts sales of hand sanitizers and

Amazon’s decision comes after many third-party vendors have raised prices for products such as hand sanitizers and face masks.

(Source: Reuters)

At a time when prices for hand sanitizers and face masks are rising, Amazon has positioned itself. The e-commerce platform has started to limit the types of sellers on its platform. All products related to coronavirus facial masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and sprays, isopropyl alcohol sold by external suppliers are limited, according to The Verge.

The decision was revealed in a letter sent to sellers on Wednesday. The notice to sellers was: “We have created stricter requirements to sell these products in our store and, as a result, their offers have been removed. We are currently not accepting orders to sell these products. “

According to Amazon, the remaining stocks of these products at distribution centers are eligible for refund of removal fees. Salespeople will need to create a so-called removal order for this to be processed.

The refund window will take effect from today, that is, March 12, and will run until May 31, 2020. Amazon has also announced that sellers can contact their sellers’ support line if they believe that are being directed illegally by the new policy.

It seems that Amazon is closing all applications for new offers, leaving only existing sellers on the site. Those who follow Amazon’s fair pricing policy, which says the portal strives to “sell the largest selection at the lowest price” to its customers.

If you are currently looking for disinfectants on Amazon, you will find many products at reasonable prices. But that was not the case a few weeks ago, as Amazon showed skyrocketing prices for these products.

A few weeks ago, Amazon blocked sales of more than a million products because those products made misleading claims. Apparently, these products made false claims about the anti-virus virus. Amazon said this is its battle against price hikes and misleading marketing.

Previously, in an effort to contain the wrong information, Facebook and Instagram removed ads that claimed to cure the coronavirus. EBay’s online market also banned facial masks and hand sanitizers last week.

Apple also cracked down on applications related to coronavirus or COVID-19 that were not from healthcare organizations.

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