TCL releases the affordable 30 XE 5G for T-Mobile and a Verizon-only TCL 30 V with mmWave 5G

TCL releases the affordable 30 XE 5G for T-Mobile and a Verizon-only TCL 30 V with mmWave 5G

Tech Highlights:

  • The TCL 30XE 5G sports an upper midrange MediaTek processor clocked generously at 2.2GHz and paired with 4GB of RAM which is pretty explicable at what is sure to be an amazing entry level 5G phone price point. TCL still promises a “fantastic connectivity and performance” from its first 5G smartphone that will be available on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile.

  • TCL introduced a trio of cell phones on the eve of the official CES 2022 show start, two of which will be available on U.S. carriers very soon. T-Mobile and its Metro by T-Mobile subsidiary will offer the TCL 30 XE 5G, the brand’s first 5G phone, in the coming weeks, while Verizon will get the spec’d-out mmWave 5G warrior TCL 30 V as an exclusive. The TCL 30 XE 5G features are competitively priced and include, as the name implies, the latest generation of cellular connectivity, all at a very inexpensive price that TCL says it will reveal later. This could be the release date for the new TCL phones, based on the January 27 date on the press renders.

The phone is equipped with a single speaker and an audio jack, plus you get a microSD card slot for storage expansion, if needed. It’s a shame that this ports and slots combo is now only available in budget to lower midrange phone models, as even the upper midrange Galaxy S21 FE was announced without the card slot and headphone jack yesterday.

The TCL 30 V 5G specs feature a big 6.7″ 1080p OLED display with TCL’s NXTVISION technology that features adaptive HDR imagery. According to TCL, “both the TCL 30XE 5G and 30 V 5G come with AMOLED ultra-thin displays for true clarity and vividness. With anti-scratch resistance, all-day low blue light, and enhanced NXTVISION technology, customers will enjoy the most immersive visuals and turbo-charged imagery like never before.” An octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset runs the show, and the TCL 30 V comes with 128GB internal storage. As usual for TCL, the 4500mAh battery size doesn’t disappoint, and it is paired with fast charging.

Very similar in specs to the TCL 30XE 5G, the TCL 30 V 5G is heading to Verizon, where it will be a Big Red exclusive when it is released there soon. The big difference between the two new American models by TCL, of course, is that the TCL 30 V for Verizon supports both the carrier’s Ultra-Wideband 5G, and its Nationwide 5G networks. Thus, you can expect some record breaking 5G speeds from Verizon’s TCL 30 V 5G model, at least in the limited areas where the carrier offers mmWave 5G connectivity.

A triple rear TCL 30 V 5G camera rounds up the great offering for Verizon customers, as it sports a modern 50MP main camera sensor and an ultrawide-angle lens kit, while the front camera is a 16MP unit for wide-angle selfies. The TCL 30 V sports dual stereo speakers and a headphone audio jack, making it one of the few remaining phones with the option. It ships with Android 11 on board.

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