Taskbar, split screen and UI improvements are coming to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series with the 12L update of Android

Taskbar, split screen and UI improvements are coming to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series with the 12L update of Android

News Summary:

  • With the addition of a taskbar at the bottom of the screen, the 12L update will make the Galaxy Tab S8 series’ user interface (UI) more intuitive and user-friendly than before. Users of the Galaxy Tab S8 series will soon be able to switch between apps more quickly and intuitively, create more custom layouts, multitask without stuttering, and run programmes that look better than ever on large screens.

  • The largest, most daring, and most functional tablet lineup from Samsung Electronics increases the usefulness of daily chores with its expansive display and adaptable, creative features. The large-screen experience on the flagship tablet is now even more optimised thanks to Android’s 12L upgrades, with updates for the Galaxy Tab S8 series and other Galaxy tablets1 following shortly after.

Among the changes users can anticipate are the ability for Split Screen View to support up to three screens, the ability to temporarily hide the taskbar for a more immersive screen view, the ability to drag notifications directly into split screen, and the ability to view all apps in a grid-style layout.

Additionally, the taskbar keeps track of your two most recently used programmes and shows them so you can always resume where you left off. Want to view several apps simultaneously? To split the screen and view the app sessions side by side, just drag and drop two or three of your most important programmes from the taskbar. You may also access split screen by turning on the Galaxy Labs feature known as “Swipe for Split Screen,” which enables you to swipe with two fingers from the left, right, or bottom of the screen to launch a new programme in split screen. Simply hit the home button on the taskbar to return to the home screen.

Do you need simultaneous access to articles and videos? Trying to keep one eye on a discussion thread and the other on your photo gallery? With extended multitasking features, 12L improves the taskbar on the Galaxy Tab S8 series, making it sleeker and more snappy than before. Customize your taskbar with your preferred programmes to switch between active sessions quickly and effortlessly.


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