T-Mobile users will not be affected by Netflix’s price increase

T-Mobile users will not be affected by Netflix's price increase

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  • If you’ve upgraded your Netflix on Us (to Standard or Premium), you will see Netflix’s price change reflected on your T-Mobile bill starting as their changes go into effect. However, if you wish to change your T-Mobile plan to start getting Netflix on Us, you can certainly do that in My T-Mobile.

  • Netflix has upped the pricing of all plans in the United States and Canada, as many of you are already aware. Old and new Netflix members will have to pay up to $2 extra each month starting this month to access the company’s streaming service. There are a few exceptions, and if you’re a T-Mobile user, we’re delighted to announce that you won’t be affected by the price increase. If you currently have Netflix included in your T-Mobile plan, you shouldn’t be concerned about the new pricing structure. T-Mobile has just stated that “your Netflix is still on us,” which means that your plan’s Netflix perk is still on the carrier.

We previously reported that prices for all Netflix plans in the United States will increase from $1 to $2 per month. The new monthly price for the standard plan is now $15.50, exactly $1.5 more than last month. Also, the 4K Premium plan is now priced at $20 from $18. Finally, the basic plan will be $1 more expensive, so subscribers will now have to pay $10 per month.

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