T-Mobile and Apple have teamed up to do this iPhone Repairs easy for everyone

T-Mobile and Apple have teamed up to do this iPhone Repairs easy for everyone

Tech Highlights:

  • It’s not entirely clear what those “cases” might be, but T-Mobile subscribers will definitely be able to schedule “traditional” front glass repairs, speaker and camera replacements, as well as other repair services covered by AppleCare or Apple manufacturer warranties in physical T-Mo stores directly from Apple’s website. Naturally, that means the “Un-carrier” is partnering with the Cupertino-based tech giant to list its stores as authorized repair centers even for Verizon and AT&T subscribers rocking an iPhone or iPad, which seems like a pretty big deal.

  • If you have a Verizon or AT&T iPhone and find yourself in desperate need of an urgent repair near a T-Mobile store, the “Un-carrier” is reportedly planning to introduce an… odd tweak that could come in handy the next time such a circumstance arises. Many Magenta-branded stores will soon accept appointments from Apple’s official support webpage for various types of device repairs, including for Verizon or AT&T customers in “some cases,” according to internal documents made public by The T-Mo Report, whose inside sources are never wrong about this type of stuff.

It’s hard to explain therefore why we’re finding out about this change from leakers rather than T-Mobile itself. That may have something to do with the launch of the new expanded repair service being purportedly delayed from Monday, January 17 to today, January 19. In other words, an official announcement could still come in the next few hours or so, especially with all eligible repair locations expected to be added to the program right off the bat in lieu of a staggered rollout that was evidently originally planned.

The aim of welcoming AT&T and Verizon customers to its stores (with three or more technicians on staff) is simple, of course, as T-Mobile expects an “instant increase” in both traffic and repair volume, which in turn will bring in more money and possibly even new subscribers in the long run. It’s almost like everyone could benefit from such a policy being implemented by all carriers.

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