symptoms your iPhone or Android device has been “infected” by malicious hackers.

symptoms your iPhone or Android device has been “infected” by malicious hackers.

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  • Though they’re not always definite, if you sense something isn’t right about your iPhone or Android device, these may well be the clues to look out for. 1. Sluggish smartphone performance. If apps are taking longer than expected to load, this could mean that you’ve been hacked. The same goes if the app crashes randomly too. But if it’s happening suddenly, it could point towards malware.

  • Hackers are always seeking for new ways to break into our devices and steal the vast amounts of information we store on them. With so many of us reliant on smartphones, it’s no surprise they’re a popular target. From nasty WhatsApp scams to dubious apps that aren’t what they appear, we’ve seen it all. Surprisingly, many people are completely unaware that a hack is taking place in the background. But, happily, there are warning indicators to keep an eye out for.

That’s because malware is secretly beavering away in the background, sucking up more power to go about its malicious purpose. If your phone’s battery is draining unusually fast it may mean your phone has been hacked. If you’ve noticed your data is being consumed far too quickly, this can also be a sign. Similar to the battery, malware could be sending stuff in the background. If you’ve had an unexplained bill change, this is a red flag.

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This could mean more data is being used up by malware and it’s costing you for it. Pop-ups are fairly standard on web browsers. But when they start appearing far too frequently at various points, it may mean you’ve been infected with some kind of dodgy adware. Unexpected cell phone bill changes may be an indicator that your phone has been hacked. If you think your smartphone may have been infected with a virus, malware or something else sketchy, the first thing to do is download a reliable antivirus app and run a scan.

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