Supraland Six Inches Under gives a measly 6 inches a whole new meaning

Supraland Six Inches Under gives a measly 6 inches a whole new meaning

Tech Highlights:

  • The way ‘Supraland Six Inches Under’ works, is that players need to discover and develop new abilities. The more abilities they unlock, the more parts of the world they unlock, and the further they can progress in the story. Legos taller than player characters in a small courtyard. Image by Supraland Six Inches Under. Unlike the previous ‘Supraland’ game, the puzzles and challenges that players have to beat to progress through the main storyline are much easier, making for a more enjoyable story, while the difficult ones are mainly present in side missions.

  • Supraland’s Six Inches Under gives a whole new meaning to the term “just 6 inches.” Supraland Six Inches Under is a first-person-Metroidvania game that incorporates exploration, puzzle-solving, and a little bit of hacking, slashing, and shooting just beneath Supraland.

According to the devs ‘Supraland Six Inches Under’ started as a side project that was used to help introduce new team members to the way things worked at the studio. Then it was meant to be added as a DLC for ‘Supraland 1’. Running for dear life from an unknown foe. Image by Supraland Six Inches Under. Over time, the team got a bit “carried away” and ended up turning ‘Supraland Six Inches Under’ into a full-blown game that took longer to make than the original ‘Supraland’.

Players must explore the different worlds within the game as they unlock a wider area, and continue solving puzzles to progress through the story, while only having to fight the occasional bad guy. ‘Supralands Six Inches Under’ is developed by ‘Supra Games’ and is available on Steam. Yours truly is a born gamer and seeks to convey his gutter tier gamer experience to the wide world with the only weapon more powerful than his PC : words :). Top 3 Favorite Games:Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Tomb Raider, Counter-Strik

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