Suicide Squad game postponed again after bad fan reaction

News Summary:

  • Originally revealed in August 2020, Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game stars popular DC villains such as Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang and is based on the comic book series about the characters. Villains are recruited by government agent Amanda Waller to confront extremely dangerous threats. and perform ethically questionable tasks. It’s also tied to the Arkham games, unlike last year’s other DC knight, the Gotham Knights. But if you want to play Rocksteady’s next big game, it looks like you’ll have to wait a little longer.

  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Rocksteady’s upcoming online co-op action shooter, is said to have been delayed from its scheduled May release date to some “late” date. this year”. This comes after the release of new gameplay footage last month which sparked a flurry of backlash from fans as well as critics.

Suicide Squad has been delayed from May to an unspecified date later this year. The report, quoting a person with direct knowledge of the matter, does not directly link last month’s poor performance to the delay, but it does appear very likely that the Suicide Squad will have more. time after the backlash to try, adjust and improve. as much as possible without completely redesigning the game.

If this delay happens, it won’t be the first time Rocksteady’s DC shooter has slipped. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was originally supposed to release last year, but in early 2022 it was delayed until spring 2023. Now, it looks like this struggling shooter will also miss the set release date.

So don’t expect WB and Rocksteady to get rid of all the bullshit about live service, multiple currencies, or always-online claims. It will take more time and cost more.