Steam Deck with Xbox Game Pass would be a game changer

Steam Deck with Xbox Game Pass would be a game changer

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  • Xbox Game Pass is often recognized as the “Netflix of Gaming,” for good reason. The service brings together a huge catalogue of games, including both an impressive third-party lineup and first-party Microsoft games releasing day-one. Xbox Game Pass for PC offers almost the identical library as the console, with a hearty selection of PC exclusive games as well. Valve has said the Steam Deck will support mods and other PC-centric features. Reportedly, the portable console can also support the Windows OS, opening the door for Xbox Game Pass to function.

  • Valve’s new Steam Deck is already generating a lot of excitement online. The new portable piece of hardware is looking to bring the power of Steam and PC gaming to players on the go. The full potential of the Steam Deck won’t be known for sure until the new system actually releases, but there are some fascinating possibilities. Steam already has one of the most massive libraries of games, but subscription services have come a long way in the past decade. Xbox Game Pass is the shining example, and if it can be leveraged onto the Steam Deck well, it would be enormous for fans.

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The Steam Deck is incredibly attractive to fans. Portable systems can do very well, with the obvious comparison to the Steam Deck being the Nintendo Switch. The major difference between the two approaches is pure console power. It’s impossible to argue that the Switch isn’t popular, but it does leave something to be desired to fans of PC gaming in particular. A limited selection of games by comparison is a big part of that, and Xbox Game Pass running on the Steam Deck would be an easy way for buyers to have access to a massive library on day-one of purchasing the new system.

Why Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck Matters

Many PC gamers already have Xbox Game Pass, but the Steam Deck has the potential to increase the subscription’s value solely with its form factor. The different versions of Game Pass have their own advantages, but even those without an Xbox console get a lot out of the PC version. EA Play is included, bolstering the already impressive library, and the service includes a lot of classic games like Age of Empires and Final Fantasy games that don’t require the highest-end machines to run well.

That could be a huge boon for even the cheapest model of the Steam Deck. Paired with the console’s portability and convenience, Steam Deck could be big for PC players. Many potential purchasers will be on the fence about the Steam Deck, especially given the likelihood that it’ll be hard to obtain like other consoles, and having that big library out of the gate could make the difference.

Valve has already said that the Steam Deck can support Windows as an alternative to the Linux-based SteamOS. While this opens the door for Xbox Game Pass to run on the portable PC, whether it will function or not isn’t known just yet. It seems unlikely given the power behind the system and its PC-centric design that there will be many issues. If that’s true and Xbox Game Pass runs properly, the Steam Deck could become a hugely valuable asset for fans of PC gaming and portable gaming in general.

The Steam Deck will launch in December 2021. MORE: Complete Steam Deck Spec Breakdown

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