Stealth server shutdowns affect multiple Xbox 360 games

Stealth server shutdowns affect multiple Xbox 360 games

Tech Highlights:

  • Even so, a selection of these have only just closed, as their servers were still live a mere couple of weeks ago. Here’s that newer closures list, covering a selection of Ubisoft franchises on Xbox 360 (thanks, TA). Of these 10 titles, four now have unfinishable achievement lists, i.e. you can’t hit the max gamerscore on them without online achievements. Those four games are Assassin’s Creed III, Brotherhood and Revelations, and Rabbids: Alive and Kicking.

  • Some achievement lists are no longer accessible because Ubisoft appears to have shut down the servers for some of its legacy software. A large list of now-defunct Xbox 360 games, including a number of Assassin’s Creed titles, Far Cry 3, and others, was recently revealed by the firm. The complete list — which spans many operating systems — is lengthy and unappealing to read. However, as trueachievements points out, the most of these appear to have been closed for some time, with Ubisoft only recently announcing the closures.

While it’s a shame to see support for these older titles dropped, it’s expected to happen eventually. We’d love for these games to patch out their online achievements before that date, but at times, such a move just isn’t feasible due to their age. Were you missing any of these achievements? Annoyed you can’t go back and grab them? Let us know your thoughts on the closures below.

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