Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights Remake is only available for PS5 and PC

Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights Remake is only available for PS5 and PC

Tech Highlights:

  • PlayStation Unveiled at the September 2021 Showcase Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights Remake was a surprise for PS5 and PC only. This is because KOTOR has never been released on the PlayStation console.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights Remake Senior Game Designer Tally Akland twitter Make sure the KOTOR remake is at a dedicated timing PS5 When PCThat is, it will eventually be released on other platforms. Ackland didn’t specify the console to come next, but we can guess Xbox Series X and Series S Will be some of them.

However, after the meeting, there was confusion on social media as to whether the timed monopoly meant that KOTOR was dedicated to the PS5 console, that is, it wouldn’t reach other consoles.

There was an immeasurable backlash when the Xbox clocked Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s exclusive rights. While these deals benefit PlayStation and Xbox, gamers suffer and wait at least a year for DLC or games to be released on the console of their choice.

The fact that SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) is supporting the development of KOTOR Remake with Aspyr and Lucasfilm Games is primarily a source of confusion.

Despite the timed exclusivity, we know that Aspyr has the potential and talent to make KOTOR Remake a high-quality game loved by older fans of the series. Therefore, we hope that it will be available to as many gamers as possible, regardless of the platform of the game.

knights of the old republic originally debuted in 2003 for xbox and pc, and it would go on to sell over 3 million copies. it was one of the best games of that year and that generation thanks to developer bioware’s storytelling as well as its capability to present players with interesting choices. it also brought an older era of star wars to a game for the first time.


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