Star Fox Armada has been identified as Retro Studios’ canceled internal Wii U pitch

News Summary:

  • While speaking with the outlet, Kozlowsky provided details regarding the agenda. In 2013, he presented the project to the studio (via a 12-page document), but management rejected it right away.

  • Eric Kozlowsky, a former artist at Retro Studios, once pitched Star Fox Armada as a Wii U internal game, according to Did You Know Gaming.

Here are a few of the more important details:

would have continued the gameplay and storyline of Star Fox 64.

The art would have been in the puppet aesthetic of the early promotional images for the series.

Fox wouldn’t leave his ship, ever.

General Pepper understands that Corneria and the Lylat System need to be rebuilt after Andross is defeated.

The Cornerian government lacked the resources necessary to rebuild the military and civilian sectors as a result of the conflict with Andross.

Star Fox is hired by Pepper, and their job is to look for allies and resources in nearby systems. Fox and his team will come across a threat that is even more formidable than Andross.

intended to incorporate new open-world and multiplayer mechanics with the gameplay from the original Star Fox 64 To complete missions in the single-player mode, players would board the Great Fox and travel to various planets, sectors, installations, and asteroid belts.

Earn money to upgrade your ships or purchase new ones like the Land Master tank and Blue Marine submarine, or you can give it to Corneria. Decide how much of your resources to keep for yourself and how much to send back to Corneria to help with reconstruction.

Plans exist for optional side missions that focus on a more mercenary perspective. a structure that is less linear and more mission-based

Fox is able to navigate the different decks in what is essentially an interactive menu. GamePad would act as a ship’s control panel and display information about the current mission and any enemy-damaged parts.