Soon, Google TV will have individual profiles and watch lists

Soon, Google TV will have individual profiles and watch lists

Tech Highlights:

  • A Google spokesperson told The Verge that profiles will start rolling out next month on Chromecast with Google TV as well as Google TVs from TCL and Sony. To streamline the experience, Google said that any downloaded apps and credentials can be used across different profiles. The company previously introduced kids’ profiles on Google TV earlier this year.

  • By integrating custom profiles, watchlists, and tailored Google Assistant guidance, Google TV is making finding things to watch in a multiuser home a whole lot easier. Previously, Google TV allowed users to sign into several Google Accounts in order to access services from numerous accounts. However, Google Assistant functionality, content suggestions, and the watchlist feature were all depending on the activity of the primary account holder. Every user’s suggestions, watchlist, and Google Assistant responses will be tailored to their individual interests and behaviour with unique profiles.

After profiles arrive next month, Google will separately introduce “glanceable cards” on ambient mode. When that support arrives, an idle TV can display personalized information like weather, news, and sports stats, among other tailored-to-you information. This screen will also display shortcuts for things like podcasts, music, and photos.

Profiles, an updated ambient mode, and expanded support for the virtual Google TV remote — for those times when the couch eats your streaming wand — follows news this week that Google TV added support for Philo in its live TV tab. Previously limited to YouTube TV ($65 per month) and Sling TV ($35 per month), Philo is now Google TV’s most affordable live TV option and starts at $25 per month.

Separately, the mobile remote app for Google TV that launched on Android last month will soon be available in the Google Home app on Android and iOS, the company told The Verge.

Not exactly simple, you have to guess to make sure your USB-C hub actually works, some work, others don’t and there doesn’t seem to be a reason why (my Satechi one didn’t). On top of this you have to make sure your storage is properly formatted to a certain version of FAT, and buy a larger power brick. Last they updated the Android TV so that “Migrate all data” no longer works and just gives you an error. So as a work around you have to now enable developer options on you CCWGTV and go into each app that isn’t preinstalled and move them one at a time to the external storage. So with the extra power source, flash drive + USB-C hub, and a few hours of Googling to figure out errors you can finally download a few extra apps.. Or you can just buy an Apple TV or Shield.

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