Sony is preparing a PlayStation Now game service for. before iPhone and Android devices

Sony is preparing a PlayStation Now game service for.  before iPhone and Android devices

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  • Watch the Latest from AppleInsider TV. However, in 2017, Sony had planned on launching on one additional platform — mobile phones. According to a confidential document seen by The Verge, Apple knew that Sony had been looking to make the move to mobile cloud-enabled gaming. The document, labeled “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL — ATTORNEY’S EYES ONLY,” states that Apple had heard of a “[not-yet-announced] mobile extension of an existing streaming service for PlayStation users, streaming access to over 450+ PS3 games to start, with PS4 games to follow.”

  • AppleInsider is supported by its readers, and as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner, AppleInsider may receive revenue on qualifying purchases. These affiliate relationships have no bearing on our editorial content. According to a series of internal documents, Sony sought to introduce its PlayStation Now service to mobile devices, and Apple was privy to the plans. PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming subscription service from Sony that allows customers to stream PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games on a variety of devices. Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation Vita used to be supported by the service, however Sony terminated support for all save the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs in late 2017. It has since been updated to include a PlayStation 5 client.

When the PlayStation Now launched in July 2017, Sony’s presentation noted that the service would be “only PS3 games right now,” which would suggest that Apple had received insider information about Sony’s plans. As The Verge points out, this would have been happening at the same time that Apple has been working on Apple Arcade. Another document shows that Apple had been planning to create its own games subscription service, with “100+ [games] at launch,” and “10 new [games] per month.”

Sony has never brought PlayStation Now to Apple devices, nor any other mobile platform. For now, the company seems to be focused on selling consoles and allowing users access to catalogs of now-legacy titles for older consoles. On December 9, it was learned that Microsoft had offered to bring triple-A titles to the iPhone if Apple would allow its games subscription service streaming app xCloud to be hosted on the App Store.

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