Sonos Optimo 2 Speaker Rumors: Everything We’ve Heard

Sonos Optimo 2 Speaker Rumors: Everything We’ve Heard

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  • You can read all about the Sonos headphone rumors in a separate article. We also have an article covering everything we know about the Sonos Sub Mini. Rumors surrounding the next Sonos speaker are calling it the Optimo 2. It’s said to be a codename, but it could be an internal name and the speaker actually arrives It suggests that it may be sold as a separate item when it is sold.

  • Sonos has been the subject of a lot of rumors lately, and it looks like they have a lot of products in their pipeline. Sonos headphones have been rumored for years, but the Sub Mini is also out and about to be released soon.

For example, the Sonos Ray soundbar was codenamed Fury, but the official name was leaked just weeks before its release. If Optimo is a codename instead of an official name, the official name will probably not be known for months.

Sonos Optimo speaker release date and price

If it doesn’t have the Sonos Five name and a 3rd gen tag attached to it, it would be a given. A different name would be expected since the generation update is internal. Rumors also mention Optimal 1 and Optimal SL speakers, with Optimal 2 (or whatever the final name is) being part of the company’s newer speakers, like the Sonos Play speakers before the Play name. I am adding to the idea that it is possible. Removed in favor of Sonos One and Sonos Five.

The next Sonos speaker he expects will be sometime in 2023, possibly in the first half. The company recently promised his two product launches a year, usually between March and May, then every few weeks thereafter, more or less every year until September. going.

New flagships and speakers coming this year as Sonos launches Ray soundbar in May 2022 with new colors Sonos Roam and Sonos Voice Control, and Sub Mini rumored to launch by end of 2022 It’s amazing to do. look.

So we’re betting our money on the next Sonos speaker in early 2023, maybe May 2023 or earlier, but for now we’re just speculating based on previous launch cycles. Based on rumors around the Sonos Optimo 2, it is said to be positioned as “the best-sounding speaker Sonos has ever made.”

So when it comes to prices, don’t expect cheap prices.  Assuming it replaces or surpasses the Sonos Five, the Sonos Optimo 2 could cost over £500 in the UK and $500 in the US.

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