So far, the weather seems calm for the Thanksgiving week trip

So far, the weather seems calm for the Thanksgiving week trip

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  • Snowfall projection Sunday. Twin Cities National Weather Service. Thanksgiving week starts on cold notes. Our windy inbound air mass. Sunday looks like the coldest so far this season by Monday morning. Lows will approach zero up north, with teens in the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota. One of my first jobs in the weather business was to coordinate and staff the WCCO-TV Traveline 4 project back way in the 1980s and ‘90s.

  • Probability of snowfall Thanksgiving week appears to be mainly dry on the maps on Sunday. A temperature roller coaster is in store. Temperatures in the Twin Cities are expected to be warm. National Weather Service of the Twin Cities One of the busiest and most significant travel weeks of the year is Thanksgiving week. So far, the Thanksgiving week forecast appears to be quite calm. Ron Trenda did a great job setting out the weekend prediction, so in this piece, I’ll look ahead to next week. The only serious weather concern for next week is the arrival of the next cold front on Sunday. Light snow could fall across northern Minnesota, accumulating up to an inch or two across the majority of the state.

The idea was simple. Let’s provide phone banks for viewers to call in and get personalized travel forecasts during the holidays. The station was surprised at the volume of calls we received. I answered a lot of phone calls and talked with a lot of Minnesotans about holiday travel and other weather questions. We also did live updates during newscasts.

Fast forward to 2021, and people still want to know the same things about holiday travel. These days everyone basically has a weather supercomputer in their cellphone. But personalized forecasts still have value. May your holiday week travels be safe and joyous.

As the call volume increased beyond my capability, we staffed the phone lines with smart, eager meteorology students from St. Cloud State University. It was a great experience for those students and a nice little holiday job. It was also a great experience for me. Talk about a weather focus group. Talk with a thousand Minnesotans about weather, and you learn a lot about what people want to hear.

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