Sly Cooper is actually making a return, but the details are few

Sly Cooper is actually making a return, but the details are few

Tech Highlights:

  • There’s even that Sly Cooper TV show that’s been through tumultuous production and rights battles and still hasn’t seen the light of day. Baker doesn’t mention this being a game at all, PS5 or otherwise.

  • At this point, what exactly this means for Sly Cooper is completely up in the air. Sly’s return could come in almost any format, from a hypothetical Sly Cooper 5 to a remake or reimagining that takes the thieving racoon and his crew back to their origins.

The original Sly Cooper debuted on the PS2 19 years ago, in 2002. Bringing Sly back for his 20th anniversary next year would be quite the surprise, but it’s unknown who Sony would have lead development on such a project.

PlayStation’s roster of iconic characters is nearly as broad as Nintendo’s, even if they don’t carry quite the same weight. However, PlayStation has been focusing its efforts on a select few of these iconic characters since the PS4 hit shelves, leaving some stuck in the past. PaRappa the Rapper and Jak and Daxter are some of the biggest franchises, but Sly Cooper may take the cake. Luckily, it appears that Sly Coopermay be making a comeback.

Originally developed by Sucker Punch, the fourth mainline entry—Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time—was outsourced to Sanzaru Games for development. Sucker Punch had moved on after the third game to focus on inFamous and then Ghost of Tsushima.

It’s unclear which studio will develop the new Sly Cooper game if the leak is accurate. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was developed by Sanzaru games, which previously helped develop The Sly Collection.

It’s possible that the studio returns to work on yet another entry in the franchise, though there are a lot of possibilities as far as what could be in the works, and a lot of it depends on how Sony wants to handle the return.

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