Shazam has been updated to make it even more useful

Shazam has been updated to make it even more useful

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  • Apple says that by working harder, Shazam will find more songs. The company stated, “Shazam now finds more songs by trying harder, for longer. Tap to Shazam to give it a go.” While Shazam is supposed to be able to match just a few seconds of a song with that tune’s title, sometimes the app can be stumped at first and that is why hearing just some additional seconds of a tune could make the difference between being unable to learn the name of that song you just heard or Shazam finding out the name of that song you can’t get out of your head, and the artist.You can add the Shazam widget to the home screen on your iOS device – Update to Shazam makes the app more useful

  • It’s hard to think it’s been nearly four years since Apple spent $400 million for Shazam, a music identification app. It’s unclear whether Apple did this to compete with the Pixel’s Now Playing function. Apple stated at the time of the deal’s announcement that it “has great ambitions for Shazam, one of the first apps in the App Store.” In iOS 14.2, Apple added Shazam to the iOS Control Center, which isn’t really intriguing. Apple implemented a feature in iOS 14 that allows Shazam to recognise music playing inside an app. Again, excitement is in the eye of the beholder, and we’re not convinced this fits the bill. However, 9to5Mac found that Shazam has received an upgrade today that will allow the app to listen “longer” and “harder,” according to the release notes.

You can add the Shazam widget to the home screen on your iOS device. You might have been unaware that Apple offers a widget for Shazam. Depending on which size widget you choose, you could see up to four songs recently discovered by Shazam. To add the widget, long-press on an empty space on your iPhone screen. That puts the phone into “jiggle mode.” While in “jiggle mode,” tap the “+” button in the top-left corner and search for the Shazam widget which showed up first when we looked for the widget (see accompanying photo). Select which size widget you want and tap on “Add Widget.” Apple is currently running a promotion now through January 31st. Simply visit this website and use the camera on your iPhone to scan the QR code and redeem the offer. The five free months are available to new Apple Music subscribers only.

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