SharePlay will be added to Twitch iOS

SharePlay will be added to Twitch iOS

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  • SharePlay sessions offer shared playback controls, so anyone on the FaceTime call can play, pause, or jump ahead while enjoying synced media. With dynamic volume controls, audio from the streaming content will automatically lower when a FaceTime participant is speaking, making it easy to continue the conversation with friends despite a loud scene or climactic chorus. When users prefer to have uninterrupted sound, they can simply tap on the Messages button in the FaceTime controls to jump to a shared thread and keep the conversation going. Each participant in the SharePlay session streams directly from the relevant app on their own device, delivering high-fidelity audio and video. Apple TV supports SharePlay so users can watch shared shows or movies on the big screen while using their personal device to continue connecting with friends over FaceTime.

  • SharePlay is Apple’s new FaceTime feature that launched with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and tvOS 15. It lets people share in movies, TV shows, games, workouts, and more in sync through FaceTime.

SharePlay didn’t come out with the initlal launch of iOS 15 and the others but it is out now for all kinds of apps to take advantage of.

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